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                            NUCLEAR ENGINEERING

        Degree: Master of Science in Technology

        Duration: 2 years

        Language: English

        Credits: 120 ECTS credits

Tuition Fees: €10000/academic year

        Campus: Lappeenranta


  • Learn to understand how different energy technology related equipment,plants, processes and systems relate to nuclear energy
  • Understand the nuclear fuel cycle
  • Find out about protection against ionizing radiation.

Programme content


  • Core studies, 18 ECTS credits: maintenance management, nuclear power plant engineering, introduction to sustainability, technology and society


  • Specialisation studies, minimum 72 ECTS credits

Obligatory studies, 60 ECTS credits: nuclear reactor design, computational nuclear

        thermal hydraulics, nuclear reactor physics methods, nuclear reactor physics analyses,

        nuclear reactor dynamics, steam turbines, theoretical nuclear thermal hydraulics,    

        experimental nuclear thermal hydraulics


  • Alternative studies, 12-35 ECTS credits: energy systems engineering, steam boilers, energy scenarios, turbulence models, reliability engineering, computational fluid dynamics, energy economics


The specialisation studies include a Master’s thesis and seminar,

30 ECTS credits


  • Minor studies, minimum 20 ECTS credits: recommended minor studies are environmental responsibility, renewable energy and energy efficiency, modelling of energy systems, techno mathematics, technical physics


  • Elective studies: select from any disciplines at LUT, choose enough to meet

The minimum total credit requirement of the M.Sc. degree



More about the programme, learning outcomes, career prospects and admission atLut.fi/nuclearengineering

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