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Land area: 338,455 km/ Population:5.5 million

Approx 78% area covered by forests and nearly 10% is covered by lakes and rivers

Safest place in the world (World Economic Forum 2018)

Happiest country in the world due to sustainable development solutions network (World Happiness Report 2018)

World’s cleanest air (World Health Organisation 2018)

One of the most advanced healthcare system in the EU.

Most literate country in the world

Most stable country in the world

Second best country to be a girl in the world

Third most personal freedom and choice in the world

Third most gender equal country in the world

Finest Quality of Education

Finland offers high quality, research intensive and affordable education through a unique and innovative teaching style. It is one of the leading countries in education within the OECD In 2019, Finland bagged the 15th spot on US News & World Report’s “Best Countries for Education” ranking.

Programs of the Future

Finland is known for its specialized and future-ready programs such as

  • Bioeconomy Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering &Production Technology
  • Smart & Sustainable Design
  • Computational Engineering & Technical Physics
  • Bioenergy Systems
  • Energy Conversion
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainability Science & Solutions
  • Global Management of Innovation & Technology
  • Advanced Structural Design & Robotised Welding
  • Software Engineering & Digital Transformation
  • Strategic Finance & Analytics

High Demand for Skilled Profession

The country needs talented individuals to work as skilled professionals who have a strong command over the English language. The nation faces acute labour shortage as the post-war baby-boom age groups continue to retire. Finland is home to over 200 game industry companies.The stable economy, strong public transport and ready access to state-funded, affordable healthcare services make Finland a great place to study, work and raise a family.

World-leading Business Environment

  • Finland is a wealthy Nordic country with a gross domestic product per capita of €42,300 which is equal to Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • The Economist ranks Finland among the ten best business environments in the world.
  • Finland has invested heavily in medical, pharmaceutical, life science, ICT and Artificial intelligence research for decades.
  • It is a world leader in technology and tops global rankings in environmental protection, social security and education.
  • According to research conducted in 15 European countries, Finnish companies are leading Europe in utilising AI.
  • The service industry is the largest employer by a clear margin. The value of Finnish service exports is €26 billion. The most common exports are information communication technology, transport, licencing and tourism services.
  • Health technology is one of the leading export industries in Finland.
  • A majority of Finnish health tech companies operate globally and most of their products are exported.
  • Bayer’s R&D in Finland delivers innovative pharmaceutical products based on polymer-based drug delivery. In 2016, Bayer’s Mirena became the first Finnish blockbuster pharma product which is being exported to more than 130 countries
  • Finland is a leading country in shipbuilding and the manufacturing of large diesel engines, lifts and paper machines
  • Top products exported by Finland:
    • Medical Instruments
    • Uncoated paper
    • Cruise ships
    • Electrical transformers
  • SLUSH, held in Helsinki, is Europe’s leading start-up event that brings together 4,000 businesses, 2,000 investors and 20, 000 visitors from 100 different countries every year.
  • Finland is home to over 200 game industry companies.
  • New businesses are being created in the game industry, electronics and software production, cleantech, process industry and automation, power tools and ships, health technology and the utilisation of forest resources.
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