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Vaasa University of Applied Sciences popularly called VAMK, is a modern and international University of Applied Sciences situated in Vaasa, Western Finland.

It provides high-level theoretical and practical oriented education in Finnish and in English, both at Bachelor and professional Master degree levels.

VAMK has approximately 3300 students including 350 international students from 45 different nationalities.

It offers full-time degree programmes in English at both Bachelor and Master levels:

Bachelor programmes:

Information Technology

International Business

Master level degrees:




  • Located in the heart of Vaasa-one of the biggest student cities in Finland with more than 13,000 university students and about 4,000 students in vocational studies.
  • High quality of student life- abundant and affordable housing, hobby opportunities, urban feel of city life with easy connectivity
  • Sunniest and most beautiful campus in whole of Finland
  • Each student receives opportunities for internationalisation through training, student exchange and study modules organised with international cooperation partners.
  • Collaborative projects with companies are central to the learning process.
  • VAMK is a member of the Robocoast consortium that supports export companies in the coastal region.
  • VAMK’s RDI projects include 150 corporate partners each year
  • The university is set to be carbon neutral by 2030

Campus Information


Small but vigorous. With a population of 68,000, Vaasa is an easy city to live in: everything essential is within a walking or cycling distance and traffic jams are rare.

It is a real city of students. In proportion to its total population, Vaasa is one of the biggest student cities in Finland where every 5th person you meet in the street is a university student. Finnish, Swedish and English are fluently combined in everyday life.

Vaasa area has the biggest energy cluster in Nordic countries and it is known as the most innovative region in Finland. More than 90 percent of Finnish innovations in electricity and automation are made in Vaasa region.

There are more than 160 energy technology companies with 12000 workers and upcoming investments. 25% of employees of Finnish energy sector work in Vaasa. The overall turnover of these companies is about €5 billion annually. International large-scale industry with subcontractors and a vibrant service sector also provides plenty of job opportunities in global business. Indeed, Vaasa is the pivot that keeps the of wheels of Finland’s growing economy.

Palosaari Campus

VAMK has a compact campus located just a walk away from the city centre, so almost everything is within a walking distance.

The VAMK's premises are located on the Palosaari higher education campus, within walking distance from the centre of Vaasa. The Technobothnia education and research laboratory, the Tritonia science library, the Muova design centre and the Alere learning centre of social services and health care are located on Palosaari. The University of Vaasa and Yrkeshögskolan Novia are also on the same campus.

The campus, recognised as the most beautiful campus in Finland, is home to 10,000 higher education students.

Research & Teaching Laboratory: Technobothnia

Technobothnia is the leading educational technical laboratory in the Nordic. Built inside the historic Finlayson cotton mill, the laboratories are owned together by VAMK, Novia UAS and the University of Vaasa. VAMK cooperates closely with Vaasa regions global companies and this gives its students the advantage of being the first to get their hands on the newest generations of 3D printers and robots.

Learning Centre: Alere

Alere is the joint learning centre for VAMK's and Novia UAS's social and health care students on the Palosaari campus.

Renovated to meet the demands of modern education, Alere offers students, in addition to comfortable facilities, joint teaching and teacher exchange between Finnish & Swedish programmes.

Science Library & Learning Centre Tritonia

Tritonia, the joint higher education library in Vaasa, is a great place not only for obtaining course literature, but also for self-study and group work. Best of all, every now and then, you can relax your eyes with beautiful ocean views.

Student Restaurants

There are numerous student restaurants on campus, where students get meal compensation; a basic meal can be obtained as cheaply as around one euro. The discount can be obtained by presenting a student card or other certificate approved by Kela. The student restaurants also offer cafeteria services.

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