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Amount of scholarship

Scholarships are available only for students who are required to pay the tuition fee. The amount of scholarship is 50 % of the tuition fee of the academic year (4 750 €). The scholarship is paid afterwards to the student upon application. The scholarship is available only during the optimum study time of the degree.

Scholarship criteria

The minimum requirements for receiving a scholarship are:

  1. Student has completed at least 55 ECTS credits during the academic year when he/she applies for the scholarship AND
  2. The weighted grade point average for the studies completed during the academic year is at least 3.5.

In addition, the student should belong to the best 20 % of his/her classes all students according to the weighted grade point average. The student’s class consists of all students who have started their studies the same year with the student and who have completed studies during the academic year in question.

The studies accepted by the recognition of prior learning are counted both in the amount of credits and in the grade point average according to the grading date.

Applying for the scholarship

Students who are required to pay the tuition fee apply for the scholarship in the end of the academic year by the 15th of June. The decisions are made and the scholarships paid by the 15th of July.

If student graduates during his/her optimum study time in the autumn semester, he/she should apply for the scholarship by the 31st of December. The decisions are made and the scholarships paid 31st of January

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